Siddhi Yoga Shala

Siddhi Yoga Shala is a beautiful and unassuming suburban space. It sets the wellbeing and peace of body and mind as its first goal. Displaying its space and work is something really important to the school. That’s why we introduced plenty of image galleries, with lots of pictures that we highlighted through creative design.
We used a dynamic DNN skin. This way they can constantly add content and updates for the schedule, as well as for every new event.

"Being good at what you do is not a talent, it’s a desire. A desire visible in pureblack’s work. In their precise, concrete and honest words. With a result relevant to these words. With no fanfare and pompous declarations. What you see is what you get. And what you get makes you want to spread the news, that “pureblack is doing an amazing job”. Most of all, for us that know little on the subject, they take control of things when it seems impending. Thank you, pureblack, for your patience and for my wonderful website!"

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