Anthini fertilizers

Anthini fertilizers is a familiar brand name in the Greek market since 1980. Recently it was redesigned and got a new look, one that abides with the current trends. In our attempt to keep the original identity while re-branding the product, we combined a retro touch with minimal design. The website was built on a dynamic DNN template. This way the administrator can easily update the content and upload pictures.
Once again we used SEO for the project management, so that the product has a high ranking in search engines.

"Through our collaboration with pureblack, we appreciated on a different level the how important electronic networking is. We save valuable time by showing detailed information about our products on-line. Now we can communicate fast and easy everything new to our clients. The website’s approach in design helps us define our profile and bring it up to date, abiding with the market’s trends, making it an integral part of our company."

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